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Moringa Feeds 300 Guests at Height of Dry Season From Canned Good Stores at Our First Food Preservation and Small Business Development Fair!  
The Moringa School of Trades hosted the first Small Business and Food Preservation Development Fair on our compound in Breman Baako, Central Region Ghana on March 29, 2011. 

Abu & Jeffry Kia Truck & Chairs
Abubakar Abdulai / Moringa Ghana President and   Jeffry Lohr / Moringa USA Pres. at event entrance. Volunteers help push our Kia truck loaded with rented chairs up the hill on morning of event.
     This unique and extraordinary event was held at the time of year when food is hardest to secure at  the end of the dry season in Central Region of Ghana.  At this harsh time of year, many families will live off of nothing but cassava (a starchy root tuber) for months on end for lack of any other source of food.  Nonetheless, Moringa fed the nearly 300 people in attendance a delicious and hearty vegetable and tomato based meal prepared from our project's October 2010 canned good stores.

Joanna & Girls Ball Mason Jar
Joanna Obbeng / Moringa Culinary Arts Teacher prepare a grand meal for 300 Guests. Madam Kate and her canning trainees cook on our propane fired auto wheel rim cookers.
Many Regional Villagers and Dignitaries Attend Moringa Day at MCST 
As it was no secret Moringa was giving away a banquet style meal on the day of our event, the event was by "invitation only" and compound security was well organized by our staff.  The intent of the day was to introduce the large number of programs Moringa has developed to bring economic and food security to the Central Region that MCST serves and get other surrounding villages involved. 
Moringa Agriculture Tour Moringa Day SpeachesS
Samuel Acheampong / Moringa's Agriculture Dept  Head conducts organic farming tour of compound. Jeffry Lohr and Abu Abdulai on stage with Social Ministry Representative from the Capitol in Accra.

Moringa Knows How Fair gains MCST a lot of clout in Central Region.
Since the day long event, the Ghana Press has embraced Moringa Community Ghana as one of the most practical, goal oriented, well run NGOs in operation in Ghana.   Below the photos will tell the story of the day's activities and programs as well as text.  We hope you enjoy the photo and caption event tour below.  Note: Many of the photos below will enlarge if you click on them. 

Moringa Festival Day
Moringa Compound on Day of Event

Moringa Day Gate Moringa Drummers
Our 300 invited guests presented their invitations at our gate and were subsequently issued event bracelets for compound security purposes. The process worked perfectly for crowd control. The opening ceremony featured African drum music and various anthems from the Moringa Community Chorus.
Student Deonstrates DeWalt machines Third World Table Saw
Moringa Student Kingsford demonstrates the Third World Planer System to our audience. Jeffry Lohr (the only white guy in town) demonstrates the Third World Table Saw.
Home Canning in West Africa Home Canning and Food Preservation in Ghana
One of the most well attended and greatest crowd pleasing demonstrations at the "Moringa Knows How Fair" was Moringa's Home Canning and Food Preservation Demonstrations presented by our staff and students.  This was of great interest to many Ghanaians who never thought this was possible.  Madam Kate, one of our Canning Instructors, cans tomatoes that Abu specifically brought in from Northern Ghana for demonstration purposes on the day of our event. It should be noted that tomatoes are generally not available in the Central Region in the dry season lasting from January through April.  Our event was at the height of dry season.    
Bob Okyere Master Kente Weaver Student with Kente
Bob Okyere, Moringa's Master Kente Weaver and teacher explains the uniquely Ghanaian process to our attendees on the day of the event.   Samuel, one of students gives a thumbs up to the camera on Moringa Day.  Samuel is our most talented weaving student to date.



Explaining Canning In Africa Donation Box
Joanna Culinary Arts and Canning Instructor explains the importance of the canning process for W. Africa. Our USA donors should know that Ghanaians also donate to the Moringa project even though all are extremely poor. 

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