Founders' Message

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Founders' Message

Linda Jeffry & Abu

What as story. A string of events between two men, half a world apart and strangers to each other, is now linking two countries, two cultures, and altering destiny.

Abu approached Jeff with a simple request to attend his woodworking school. Determined to dedicate himself to improving the circumstances of the poor rural people of his country, Abu recognized that providing life skills through education in the trades would provide Ghanaians with the most precious gift of all—hope. Convinced that with the right skills and tools, the people of rural Ghana  would be able to create cottage industries in their village that would provide income and opportunity.  And somehow Abu was able to capture and keep the attention of Jeff and Linda, so they could begin this journey—that has become an adventure—to provide exactly that. Hope, based in practical education that uses appropriate technology  to transform the life circumstances for a remote village in Ghana, West Africa.

The dedication of  Abu, Linda, and Jeff to adapt and adjust everything in their personal and professional life to accommodate a life altering experience for all involved is remarkable enough. But then what Abu was able to achieve once he returned to Ghana, by developing visionary leadership with the village chiefs was exciting and inspiring. The biggest surprise of all, and the most deeply humbling, was what the people in the village contributed by sheer physical effort and communal will. Men and women of all ages, and children, even very young ones, worked tirelessly and endlessly to build a chance at a better future.

There have been so many failures in attempts from the West to help Africa escape the corruption and poverty that defines third world nations. Perhaps that is because the usual approach is wrong. This is a different model. This model embodies the incredible good that can be mined in all of us, if powerful leadership is present at the grass roots level. This model embraces the drive and intelligence, the creativity and inventiveness that humans possess that just needs to be unleashed. This model relies on the strength of the people-to-people connection. If  people connect, this can ignite new thinking, new possibilities—and with that, new outcomes truly are possible. This model encourages imagination as the solution to challenges, and relies on mutual respect for both country’s contributions. This model not only accepts fluid and dynamic thinking, it requires it. Ideas or technologies grown in America will need to be transplanted to Africa. And that’s the fun—the experience of that adventure, and all the growth that process yields.

This model permits gifts from America to take on tangible forms, to be re-born in Africa. In one village, demonstrating a tenacity and sweat equity we in America will never know.

By a small group of American adventurers, willing to challenge the status quo, and return to a pioneering spirit that has always discovered new worlds.

Take the adventure with us. Watch it unfold, and know that like all good adventures, the outcome is not yet known, but the trip will provide thrills for the heart and soul.

Linda Lohr, Abubakar Abdulai, & Jeffry Lohr
Founders, Moringa Community