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U.S. Board of Directors

Jeffry Lohr,  President, Founder, Moringa General Director USA, Treasurer,
Linda Lohr, Vice President, Food Preservation Director, B.O.D. Secretary.
John Frymyer, Board Member, Bookkeeper, Advisor
Sharon Brackett,  Board Member, IT specialist, systems development.

Founder, Moringa General Director USA, Treasurer, & Webmaster

Jeffry Lohr is the founder and current manager of Moringa Community in the USA, as well as the webmaster. He initiated the project when he funded a scholarship to Abubakar Abudulai for 3 months to study at his woodworking school in Pennsylvania, USA. Jeffry has developed Mr. Jeffry’s Third World Machine Shop, and currently focuses on raising funds for Moringa Community, and providing educational resources for our Moringa Community Center in Ghana. Email Jeffry.

Vice President, Food Preservation Director, B.O.D. Secretary

Linda Lohr is a co-founder of Moringa Community, as well as our vice president, food preservation project director, and a key creative assistant on general project concept and development, Linda is also our Board of Directors recording secretary. .

Board Member, Advisor , and 2010 Moringa Bookkeeper

John Frymyer is our board member that helps MoringaCommunity.Org in an advisory capacity on filing issues, insurance, 501C3 nonprofit compliance, and business transactions that require oversight and monitoring.  John is also our 2010 bookkeeper.  We truly would be adrift in the sea of USA non-profit 501C3, State, and Federal compliance requirements without John's steadfast guidance on such issues that can be devastatingly complicated.  Moringa owes much to this gifted professional.

Board Member, IT Specialist, System Development

We are very pleased to have Sharon Brackett on our Board of Directors.  In addition to Sharon's marketing and business skills, she is also an accomplished IT specialist, which is essential to our current operations and future plans.  With her help, we are hopeful to integrate Internet capability at our Moringa School of Trades in Breman Baako which currently has no strong signal for web access.  Much rests on Sharon's research and technical support.


Moringa Community has gained remarkable ground on achieving our goals throughout 2010.  With continued support of our current donors and corporate sponsors, we believe our goal of self sustainability of our project in rural Ghana is achievable within the next two years.  Much will depend on success in securing grant funding for our practical mission.  Although much has been achieved, it should be understood that none of this would have been possible without the work ethic, vision, and the full vesting of our Moringa Ghana Board, Staff, and especially our small army of project volunteers in the Central Region of Ghana.